Now I told you about my favourite Swedish albums of the year (#1 / #2, #3, #4 / #5, #6, #7 / #8, #9, #10), here come the opinions of Swedish artists Absolut Noise do like. I asked them to send me their “top 5 list of what they will remember from 2014, especially in music, especially within Sweden”. Some made it short, others went long. Thanks to all of them for their time!

PS : there are plenty of artists mentioned here, I did not link to all of them but I guess you can google the ones you are curious about, right? :-)

Today, part 3, with (nice) people from very different musical horizons: Johan Angergård, Terrible Feelings, Soviac, Dear Euphoria and Steso Songs.

Johan Angergård (Producer: LABRADOR RECORDS ; Member of: Acid House Kings, Club 8, The Legends)
Fantastic Fantastic – “Never enough”
Alice Boman – “Over”
Johan Hedberg – “Showtime”
Lorentz – “Robyn fenty”
The Mary Onettes – “Silence is a gun”

Manuela Iwansson (TERRIBLE FEELINGS)
Two years ago for this very same list I wrote about Robert Hurula and his upcoming album. It was released this year, and not only did I love it, I also got to play it live! Both me and Anton from Terrible Feelings have been a part of Hurula’s live band, and that has by far been the most exciting musical happening of the year. We are extremely honored to be a part of this awesome roller coaster ride.

Other Swedish artists that I enjoyed this year were Mattias Alkberg Södra Sverige, Pig Eyes (both with genius Henke Palm on guitar), Gravmaskin, and everything on Höga Nord Records.

New bands to watch are Nightmen and Dolores Haze.

2015 can look forward to a new full length by Terrible Feelings. It’s the best thing we’ve done. Be ready.

Kate Breineder (SOVIAC)
I have picked the few Swedish tunes I fell in love with this year:
Robyn & Röyksopp – “Monument” and “Do it again”
Elliphant & MØ – “One more”
The sweet video Kleerup & Niki & the dove – “Rock u”.
Substitute for the original Nicks Uffe – Nya låten.
Unpublished beautiful song by guitarist Ulf Cederlund in my inbox

Elina Johansson (DEAR EUPHORIA)
1. Silvana Imam – Powerpussy of the year
2. Jenny Wilson live. I was saved at a revival meeting in a tent at the festival Skanka Loss this summer.
3. The combination of Nicklas Stenemo’s voice and actress Lisabi Fridell’s performance in the video for True Colours by Kite.
4. Wildbirds & Peacedrums – “Rhythm” (album)
5. The heightened moments when creating my new EP (AbsNoise : First single of this new EP probably out in January. Less “pop” than the last EP. Elina will release it under a new name, kept secret for now”).

1. Killers walk among us – s/t
I don’t know what to say. This music is knives, guns, hugs, horror, ice but also love, warmth, magic, glimmering glistening sparks. Stefan made me write the first song of my life that was good. I was 12 and inspired by a mixtape he’d given me. Mogwai, Cat Power, Songs: Ohia was on it.

2. Mattias Alkberg – Nöff nöff
I watched this video when I was in Greece with my daughter. The first thing I thought was that I wanted to show it to my mother. As soon as I got home, I did so. And she loved it extremely much. This song is like therapy and you need loads of therapy to survive the political situation in Sweden at the moment.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what was released this year besides these two. This is sad. I’m sorry. I didn’t watch TV either. I read old issues of Rollerderby, Sylvia Plath – Ariel, Bukowski’s poetry as always because it’s like taking a bath I feel less lonely less like a loser, Jessica Schiefauer – Pojkarna. I listened a lot to old tapes I found in a plastic bag in a box in a storage room. Grandpa’s country tapes filled with the saddest songs and the mixtapes I got as a teenager with Weezer, Pavement, That dog, Lemonheads, Björk, Stina Nordenstam on them. Everyday I drove through the woods of Småland to get to work and I listened to those tapes feeling very very confused because as a teenager I never thought I’d drive these roads as a 30 year old and now I do and how did that happen and who am I?

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