Now I told you about my favourite Swedish albums of the year (#1 / #2, #3, #4 / #5, #6, #7 / #8, #9, #10), here come the opinions of Swedish artists Absolut Noise do like. I asked them to send me their “top 5 list of what they will remember from 2014, especially in music, especially within Sweden”. Some made it short, others went long. Thanks to all of them for their time!

PS : there are plenty of artists mentioned here, I did not link to all of them but I guess you can google the ones you are curious about, right? :-)

Today, part 5, the last one of this year, with This is head, Wilderness and We are the storm. Bonus (like every year) Avi Roig who used to write the American blog It’s a trap (about Scandinavian music).

In no particular order:
The Knife live at Iceland Airwaves
Caribou – Our Love
Luke Abbot – Wysing Forest
Portishead live at Electric Picnic
Wildbirds and Peacedrums live at Jazzhouse, Copenhagen

In no particular order :
Lorentz – Där dit vinden kommer (feat. Jaqe, Duchi, jj) (song/video)
Linda Pira – Knäpper mina fingrar (Remix) (feat. Kumba, Rosh, Cleo, Sep, Vanessa Falk, Rawda, Julia Spada and Joy) (song/video)
Hammarby – Promoted to first league (sport/lifestyle)
Atelje – Transition (song)
Wilderness – Walla Scen (concert)

Magnus Wilkmark (WE ARE THE STORM)
I haven’t really gotten into much new Swedish music this year but I’ll try to get something together. Here goes:

Silverbullit – Arclight.
This album has been one of my favourite Swedish rock albums for years and I just got hold of the vinyl version so I guess it qualifies into my 2014 top 5 even though it was released about ten years ago.

Jeniferever – Live at Pub 19, Uppsala 7/11.
Each and every member of this band has been involved in bands or music related projects with me for the last 6-7 years. Seeing them playing together again felt like a family reunion.

Cult of Luna – Live at Debaser Medborgarplatsen 27/4.
Just great.

Tempel – MMXIII.
I bought this record without having heard a single note of Tempel’s music. A “heavy, deep, rock” Kning disk release sounded interesting enough. I was right.

Dödsvarg – Människan En ruttnande process.
I stumbled over this album a couple of weeks ago and been spinning it frequently ever since.

Otherwise, We are the Storm are currently in the studio with Magnus Lindberg mixing and mastering our upcoming release. The first single « Night » will be out in a couple of weeks. I’m really excited about that.

Avi Roig (IT’A TRAP)
Five of the best Swedish music things in 2014:

1. Iberia – Glide
Of all the records I’ve been excited about this year, Iberia is the one that’s been easiest to proselytize. First they seduced us and then they deserted us, may they rest in peace.

2. Väärt – 10-tal
According to Spotify, I’ve listened to this album more than any other in 2014. Perfect Norrlandish indierock, so understated, elegant and beautifully melancholic.

3. Hemgraven – Överallt, ingenstans
Stellar Swedish post-punk that recalls the classics without resorting to boring retro tropes. I can see this band getting better and better over time.

4. Wulfband – Aggressivität
Excessively aggro EBM performed by a pair of mysterious Swedes singing in pidgin German is the most brilliantly stupid thing ever. It’s hard for me to convey just how much I love this record.

5. Agent Side Grinder – This Is Us
Videos with dogs are surest way straight to my heart; backing it up with a terrific song is even better. My only question: why did it take so long for ASG and Progress Productions to work together?

Extra: Trepaneringsritualen – Black Egg
2014 has been a year of profound loss and for that, sometimes only the bleakest music can provide solace. Remember to love your friends and hold them close.

A few other non-Swedish albums I’ve enjoyed this year:
Agender – Fixations
Cute Heels – Spiritual
Martial Canterel – Gyors, Lassú
Pallbearer – Foundations Of Burden
Red Red Red – Pattern Completion
Winter Severity Index – Slanting Ray
Woven Hand – Refractory Obdurate

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