STESO SONGS – Lilies on fire EP (review)

Baby, it’s Christmas

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It’s been quite a while actually. Steso Songs, then. Damn I liked her! Especially her ability to cook some little catchy pop gems (remember “The Worse“?).

Her new 4-song EP Lilies on fire is released today on cassette and digital (a whole album is expected next year). The EP is less “catchy” than most of her previous releases. But tender. Softer. Sweeter. Kind of a concept EP about being a mother.

Lilies on fire, the song, fits easily with the current weather. I mean it could be a tune specially made for Christmas (in this respect, it is not unexpected that the last song of the EP is named “Xmas 2007″). It sounds like the perfect nursery rhyme to whisper to your little baby in order to calm his fears. To give him rest and peace. In few wors: moving an intensely beautiful.

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