Summary of what I liked in Swedish music this past year

My favourite album of the year:
DÖDSFEST – Det sista äventyret

My nine other fav records of the year:
2. HELLO SAFERIDE – The Fox, the hunter and Hello Saferide
3. RIDDARNA – Under Jorden
4. ŞTIU NU ŞTIU – Ultra Silvam

5. HURULA – Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för
6. MATTIAS ALKBERG – Södra Sverige

8. LACROSSE – Are you thinking of me every minute of every day?
9. DISKOTEKET – Jag ser över mitt liv
10. PIG EYES – Pig Eyes


What Swedish artists thought about this past year:
Part 1 with: Mattias Alkberg, Jari Haapalainen, Calle Olsson and Jejo Perkovic (all members of the Bear Quartet)
Part 2 with: Edward Forslund (singer of Riddarna), Karl Malm (singer of Dödsfest) and Tobias Rask (from Pig Eyes and Paper).
Part 3 with: Johan Angergård (Producer: Labrador Records ; Member of: Acid House Kings, Club 8, The Legends), Terrible Feelings, Soviac, Dear Euphoria and Steso Songs.
Part 4 with: Nina Kinert, Pontus Levahn (from Tiger Lou and Torpedo), Per Nordmark (BANDOBRANSKI/NORDMARK and Kriget), Nord & Syd and Jacob Douglas
Part 5 with: This is head, Wilderness, We are the storm and It’s a trap.

PS: Remember my best of 2013, best of 2012 and best of 2011? (my best of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 are lost in the old web on my previous absolutnoise.blogspot.com address…)

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