Today is the 13th of January. My latest post was published on the 1st of January. Obviously, I planned to write in this blog before. But, as you know, if you live on planet Earth, “something” happened in Paris last week. “Something” difficult to call, especially when you live in Paris. Anyway, I simply did not feel like writing about Swedish music.

That’s being said, I guess it makes sense to start 2015 with a band called Eternal Death. And a song named Cry. Even if it was released back in December 2014 when I focused on my best of the year thing.

“Cry”, then. The first single of Eternal Death debut album planned for the 24th of February (I already wrote about this band here or there). This is a duo, then. Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård, the guy behind Labrador Records, a label that made so much for Swedish music abroad that it has and always will have a special place in Absolut Noise. The music? To me, very very Swedish! In one sentence: a nostalgic feeling fought with dancing electro beats. In three words : a drunken firework.

“When performing this live, this is a song that makes me feel equally weak and powerful” said Elin Berlin. Well, this is a feeling I can totally relate to right now.

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