NÄV – Djävla Kladd / Lyft På Luggen / Diggilodiggamej (PREMIERE!)

Bring back the riot, man

It all happened by chance. I went to the Bring me the fucking riot… man Facebook page because I was wondering if the band – one of my favourite – had definitely split up. I mean forever. Surprise, I discovered there songs from another band I never heard about. It was NÄV, a brand new trio with two ex-riot guys (Jens Sjögren and Jon Graffe) and Christoffer Roth who has already been involved in many different music projects (as I pointed out here). So, yeah, this is a “premiere”: premiere for the video within this post and premiere with those three tunes that Google has barely heard about.

And the music? Well, it actually makes sense that the rioters and Christoffer join their forces. All of them have always put simplicity in the centre of their music. So do not expect too smart stuff then. Just straight to the point songs with energy and melody. And Swedish lyrics. Exactely the kind of music praised in this blog.

This deserved a little Q&A with the guys. Here you go:

I lost track of Jens and Jon when your previous band “Bring me the fucking riot… man” split. And I did love Christoffer first album but it was a while ago. What happened in between? And how has NÄV actually been born?
We started with an idea to make music really simple, and in the moment without thinking too much. We never start a discussion about an idea, but instead do what we can with it. In that way we make songs really fast with less brain than heart. I don’t know if we actually formed a band, we just wanted to find a way to spend more time together. But I guess we’re a band now! We’re all good friends and we just thought we’d see what we could make toghether. Our previous or ongoing bands are still what they are, or were.

What does “NÄV” mean?
NÄV is the way the word nerv (meaning nerve) is pronounced in the south of Sweden.

How would you describe your “sound”?
It is what it is. Sounds great!

If you ask me, I would say keyboard plays a big part in NÄV music. And to be honest, I am quite amazed by the numbers of Swedish bands that use a keyboard. Is it the 1980s influence? Am I making any sense?
In our case we just grabbed one instrument each when we came to the studio, and Christoffer went for the synthesizer. It limits you in a good way to play in a band with no guitars.

My Swedish is quite poor, I mean… “jag pratar inte Svenska”. Could you please let me know what lyrics deal with in your songs?
We write the lyrics in the same way we make the music, from the top of our heads, and we all seem to be interested in people’s relation to each other and to the society and all the systems we’re in together.

Since you mention “people’s relation to each other and to the society”, how do you explain the rise of the extreme-right wing in Sweden?
In Sweden there is at the moment basically one political party that carries the voice of the extreme right. SD is a party that has grown since the mid 90′s and that has its roots in outspoken fascism and racist movements. They have worked hard since then to make their tone more ”household” on the outside but without changing on the inside. They are still racists, nazists and fascists that uses people’s worries and fears to gain ground at the political arena. They are a disgusting, populist party with a badly hidden agenda.

Finally, what’s next with the band? An EP? An album planned?
We don’t have a master plan, but we have enough songs for an album now, so we will definitely release something soon.

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