SAÏGON – New World Outro (album review)

From Atypia

They use big names in the press thing, such as “Jesus & the Mary Chain” or “The Vaselines”, to give us a picture of Saïgon sound. Not false. But I would be more posh: to me, the second album of this quintet, “New World Outro”, (the first was self released) is a kind of pop version of Bear Quartet’s Eternity Now. And if you don’t get it, just think The Knife meets Crystal Castles, or something.

It is streamed (and premiered on Internet) within this post. Will be out tomorrow and Spotified here.

Do not expect mainstream stuff. Just enjoy aggressive beats mixed with Siri Jennefelt and Oskar Carls’ soft & sweet voices. Arty? Kind of, if you watch their “Golden” video. But not only. Cause if this music is definitely atypical, it is not cerebral per se. More gutsy, you see. Powerful and dirty. With character, I mean. No immediate singles around, but a true coherent, interesting and deep album. The kind of one that needs to be listened to several times before you totally “get” it. The kind of one I will remember at the end of the year: with that much music all around the web, it does not happen much when a sound hits you like this one does.

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