CULKIN – Hernandez part II

Teen spiritism

I cannot see any “neo grunge” French bands. Cause there is none. That might be the reason why I (i.e, me-poor-little-French-guy) am always a little bit surprised to receive some grunge music in my mailbox. I am now used to it though. It does look like Sweden definitely fell for the grunge revival. Or at least in its underground scene. In this particular genre, Nova Blast is probably my favourite. Tennis Bafra the funniest ones. And Culkin the precursor. One cannot say those cool dudes got into the bandwagon: they have always provided grunge music. And they have always doing it the way you have to do it: playing your fours chords without looking to give a fuck. And never take yourself too seriously.

Hernandez part II (and even its part 1) will be featured in the upcoming second album of the band (expected this year). Right now, you can find it in a Kollektivet records compilation. It starts Stiltskin style (I mean no grunge at all, with violins and all) and then evolves into something more Bushy. Sure, this is not Nirvana nor Pixies, but I am not sure this is the point. It is more aimed to give fun than to reinvent the genre, you know. In this respect, it totally reaches its goal.

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