KÖNSFÖRRÄDARE – Blast Beats (new song from upcoming album “End of History”)


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I was very impressed by Könsförrädare‘s debut album “Curse all law”. I even put it as my #3 album of the year 2013. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I heard those young girls & boys were back with a new song called “Blast Beats”, released on the always high standard label Teg Publishing.

Mattias Alkberg was behind the production of this first record. On their upcoming one “End of History” he is not (this second coming is planned for September). The band members produced it by themselves. Great job! “Blast beats” sounds a little bit more upbeat than their previous songs. Still melodic. Still angry. Totally brilliant. A blast, yeah. I have a confession: Könsförrädare upcoming record is officially one of my most awaited one albums of this year!

I mentioned Sleater-Kinney when I first wrote about them. Well, I was not wrong. I can do it again here since this is the first reference that comes to my mind when I listen to them. Except there is more (angry) heart in this Swedish sound. Less brain? Perhaps, but brainy stuff makes me bored: rock music is more about heart than brain, right?

PS: to listen to the song on Spotify, go there.

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