WILDERNESS – This world is not ours EP (review)

Swedish sweetness

Today, The Magic Whip, the Blur come back album, is released. Few days ago, Wilderness This world is not ours EP came out. One from Great Britain, one from up North, but both records that belong to the same genre: pop music. But just like Blur is and will always remain linked to the “brit pop” era, Wilderness new sounds are definitely Swedish. So Swedish. So “Swedish pop music” like hipsters were fond of back in the 2000s, i.e. a mix of sweetness and softness.

Well, the hype about Sweden has decreased. Music remains. And Wilderness makes cool music. They have actually always done so. Even when the members of the band were in Penny Century (a band I have always supported).

When I listen to This World Is Not Ours EP I feel half asleep. Or half awake. I mean this is not the kind of record that will boost your morning. But it will not help you to get some sleep neither. It is just in between. Like a REM album with more nostalgia and less strength. Like a wandering little cloud whistling under its shower. Yeah, something like that.

To get This World Is Not Ours EP: on Spotify, on iTunes.

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