ELI NA – Mother is leaving (demo)

Mother of Grace

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I pretty much said all the good I thought about ELI NA (ex-Dear Euphoria) here (unfortunately, she put off from Soundcloud her first song “Jasmine”). Good news, she decided “to release a few demos of songs that maybe otherwise might not see the light of day”. Here is the first one. “Mother is leaving”. A very personal one.

Funny thing: the “demo” sound is actually more than perfect, if you ask me. No production. Just rawness. The bones without the flesh. Or a strong heart. ELI NA does not need much artifices: the beauty of her naked voice is good enough for me to make me wander away.

PS : “Nature is my mother now”, the “debut” ELI NA album is planned for the 25th of May.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Mother is leaving (Demo) by Eli Na recommendations …

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