Some people don’t care. I do. I truly believe the opening song of an album is VERY important. Cause (except for few unsane people) this is obviously the first sounds listeners will hear from the record and therefore it might lead to:
1. Desire to discover more.
2. An :-( face. And then silence: the rest of the record might not even be heard.

Some people are patient. I’m not. To me, the sound of music is probably more important than the songs. If I did not get into it after one minute, the probability I will listen to the whole record afterwards is low. Even for an EP.

That’s being said, here come this question: how do you make a video for an opening song of an EP called “This world is not ours”?

This might be one of the questions that came to Wilderness mind when they had to decide how to shoot this “Bandung City Rockers”, the video premiered here in Absolut Noise. Cause if this world is NOT theirs, what is their universe? And Bandung? Well, this is definitely not Bandung: the landscape filmed there is mostly taken from the lake Storsjön which is the lake in Östersund, and Frösön, the island band members are from. Musically, it starts like a Twin Peaks soundtrack before to evolve into a long cloudy shout. And there is this girl talking in Swedish. And this landscape “smelling” so Swedish. And this Swedish pop music about to take off. All in all, this is the obvious video for the opening song of a definitely so Swedish record.

Epilogue: While I was finishing to write the short text above, I have been chatted with Kim, member of Wilderness. And what he told me gives a view slightly different from my immediate impressions. “The title refers to the indie music scene, and the culture, in the Indonesian city Bandung, he told me. We made a gig in Bandung 2009 with Penny Century (Wilderness previous band) and we totally fell in love with all these people and their unconditional love to music and music culture. It was like being in the UK in the 1980s where there were mods, skinheads, rockers everywhere. People were obssesed, in a good way, by the Smiths and other bands like them. They really made an impression on us and we really made some friends there. So “Bandung City Rockers” simply refers to these bunch of lovely people and to the indie music scene in Bandung. These people are true rockers.” Now you know!

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