PAPER – Come on (first single from upcoming album + video)

My favourite Swedish band is back!

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Well, well, well. Just when I thought I could take a summer break and breath a little bit, here comes a video from my current favourite Swedish band PAPER.

I actually could already listen to few tunes from their upcoming album We design the future (out on the 14th of October) and let me tell you I expect a great great great album. Hope I won’t be disappointed. It’s gonna be hard anyway to match the level of their previous one Mischmasch, that I picked as my fav album of the year 2011. I can feel though, at least from what I heard, that it is gonna be more diverse than their previous releases.

Come on, for instance, first single from this third PAPER album sounds calmer than their usual songs. Less punk. More mind blowing. Still addictive. It is actually gonna be a 7″ on Höga Nord Rekords. Its video is fun. Unexpected, to say the least. Damn, I am so looking forward to October…

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