THIS IS HEAD – A hint about their upcoming third eponymous album

Kraut kraut kraut

Ok then, summer break soon. Before that few little posts just to give you the hint about Swedish artists I do fancy. First one: This is head, a band like no other that I have always supported in this blog, from their very beginnings back in 2009. Yeah, six years ago.

On the 2nd of Septembrer, their third (eponymous) album will be out. Their label Adrian Recordings has decided to market it with four videos and two singles. First single was Timmerdalen. Next one will be called Astray. Three videos has already been out on the Internet. Latest one, People, was released yesterday. Next one, Beginning, will be out end of July. All in all, this is a good way to make you discover the upcoming record.

The whole album still has this This is head touch, but sounds less “pop” than their previous releases. Here, it’s kraut kraut kraut. To be honest, I felt a little bit disoriented at first. But now I got into it, it is actually growing and growing on me. I guess this is one of those albums with depth that needs time to be digested. Every audacious record belongs to this category.

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