NINA K (ex Nina Kinert) – Feels better (new single from upcoming album “On Ice”)

Pop diva

Last time I mentioned Nina Kinert, she just turned into Nina K and just released a new song called Impossible. She answered few questions of mine telling me an album was on its way. Good news it is now officially planned for November. On Ice she called it.

She gave me a glimpse of this album defining herself as a “diva”, which is funny. And true. Cause ladies & gentlemen, I think we have here a pop diva who fully accepts to sing pure eighties influenced pop music with confidence. As she pointed out in my latest post: “For the upcoming work I’ve gone back to my root-references a lot. The 80’s and 90’s artists I listened to and sang along to in my room. My childhood heroines Mariah, Enya, Whitney, Sade, Sinead. The divas are my comforting power animals”.

Well, Feels better is probably less a “hit single” than her previous Impossible, but it confirms the new music direction Nina is taking. In this respect, it can probably be seen as the end of the transformation of Nina from Kinert to K. The folk caterpillar she was is now a pop butterfly. I might miss some of the fragility of her voice and the more discrete production of her debut, but I confess am quite curious to listen to the whole album to see if On Ice is too nice.

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