NINA K – On Ice (album review)

The Diva device

Previously on Absolut Noise, there was this hint. Remember? Ok, just one last time: keep the K, bye the INERT. Nina Kinert is now Nina K. She said why and everything in this interview we did last April.

So I had in mind the songs Impossible and Feels Better before I listened to On Ice, Nina’s new album. Thus, I could already guess that her sound was quite different that what she used to do. That she now defines herself with irony as a “diva singer”. But if you ask me, I have to admit it took me a little bit of time to totally get into this new album. After my first listen, I did love few songs but was not really fond of some others (I know, You don’t owe, Apples). I mean it is obvious that Impossibleor Wry are some killing singles. But the other songs left me doubtful. Sure there is a strong atmosphere during the whole album, but I am not that much into that kind of “dreamy” music. However, to be fair, I actually felt the same feeling when I first listened to Red leader dream, Nina’s previous album. It took me time to get into it and when I did, songs I did not really fancy at first turned brilliant.

The same process seems to occur to me with On Ice. For instance, the more I listen to Air (believe in Asians) and Feel better the more I enjoy them.

All in all, I need time to pretend to actually LOVE this new album as much as the first ones Nina cooked (her new “diva” sound is less immediate that her “pop folk” period). But I truly find amazing her ability to renew her music universe. And she still has one of the most beautiful voice within Sweden. And this is an ambitious way she is taking. And a “career” remains only interesting when the artist remains itself while exploring some new paths, right?

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