TENNIS BAFRA – Shit for brains (brand new single from upcoming album Bummer)

Grungy boomer

Tennis Bafra, d’you remember?

Love this band. Cause I was raised with Pixies/Nirvana, ya know. Cause those cool dudes from Uppsala remind me my teenage years. Cause they got the attitude. And the perfectly produced dirty sound.

Their brand new single, released today, is called Shit for brains. It is their best song so far, if you ask me. Watch out though: do not expect clever experimental neat stuff. It’s not. This is straight forward straight to the point straight grunge music straight whatever you can call straight. Take it or leave it attitude, I mean. But without the “I take myself so seriously, I’m a rock star” cliché.

Shit for brains will be featured in their second upcoming album out April 22 (order it). His name : “Bummer”. Not to take literally.

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