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When I first listened to Amanda Bergman, we were back in August 2008, she was named Hajen and had only 700 views on… MySpace (remember MySpace, right?). I wrote in this blog that we had “a new Swedish talent here, an unusual artist. Impassioned and fascinating”.

Later, she changed her nickname for “Jaw Lesson” and then for “Idiot Wind”, before to stick to “Amanda Bergman” which is, as you can guess, her proper name. And, as if it was not enough, she plays in the band Amason. Also, she has now a Wikipedia page translated in English, Swedish and even in French (yes, French, even if she is totally unknown in this country).

Fun fact: the lady was also quoted by mister Jari Haapalainen (great producer and one of the Bear Quartet genius) as THE thing to remember in my best of 2008 thing and six years later (!!!) by Nina Kinert in my best of 2014 thing.

All in all, I guess we can say this is a quite chaotic evolution. Or at least unusual.

And the music? Well, no chaos. More a poetic piece of lovely tenderness. Her debut album, “Docks” came out beginning of 2016. The Tallest man on earth is one of the guy who produced it. You can get the record here. It reminds me what Nina Kinert or Karin Strôm used to play at their beginnings.

The record holds several killer ballads such as “Falcons”, “Golden” or “Sirens”. All of them put Amanda’s voice forward. And Amanda’s voice is beyond compare. A deep bewitched whisper. Very cinematic in its ability to picture arid landscapes in my mind. To my French little ears, this mix of melancholia, sorrow and sweet melodic pop music sounds very Swedish. Except, in the huge ocean of Swedish pop music, Amanda Bergman stands as the mermaid of the place.

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