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I might have kept the best for last. Soviac, then. Remember? I have always been fond of them (since 2007, to be sharp). Even picked their “Back album” as my favourite one of the year 2012. It took them four years to give birth to “Göld” and the result deserves the wait (Listen to it on Spotify // Get it through iTunes).

Let’s be straight: this 2016 album sounds quite different from their previous record. While the “Back album” was a great piece of pop, “Göld” is heavy, nasty, grungy. A bit like some of their old tunes (I’m thinking about “Halte Jick” for those of you who are Soviac fans like I am). I mean, if you like noisy stuff, you’d better check this out. Melodies remain there though and are never buried under the stormy guitars. It holds a bucket of hits, such as “Shesodc”, “Golddigger”, “Strill” or my fav “Ducklin”. It stands as the most-glorious-Swedish-album-with-heavy-guitars-of-this-current-year. Or something. All in all, a must have.

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