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JON MAGNUSSON – Psalm för syndare

The unknown Jon Magnusson is not Justin Bieber. He is even the opposite. I mean he is just a cool dude with no label, no music deal, nothing linked to any kind of business. But he sent me an email. … » Continue reading

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BANDOBRANSKI / NORDMARK – “My head, my ruin” & “The End”

Bottom, up Usually, when I listen to a song, I picture a left to right movement. Not this time. When I listen to BANDOBRANSKI / NORDMARK My head, my ruin, for instance, I feel a lift from the ground to … » Continue reading

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MAYMOUTH – For the rush

Buddhist or something I have always consider Sonjagon as a powerful band full of youth. It is also a fun Grand Ma’ since it gave birth to different music projects. After Jacob Douglas who went solo, please welcome Maymouth, aka … » Continue reading

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ANWAI – Asking

Sleepwalking I do not believe in those “rock”, “pop” or “electro” categories. I mean I do not listen to music to feel “rock”, “pop”, “electro” or whatever. I just reach feelings if you know what I mean. In this respect … » Continue reading

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SCHOOL – So Long (video)

The return of my fav Swedish pop newcomer This artist is AbsRecommended I already said this was some pop genius. I say it again. And now, they have a new video! School, definitely one of my favourite newcomer. Tweet

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