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NINA K – Impossible (ex “Nina Kinert”) INTERVIEW

The Return of Princess Leia Forget Nina Kinert. Here comes Nina K. Well, it is obviously the same person, but her music does not really sound like the one she used to do. Especially the one she used to cook … » Continue reading

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ELI NA – Jasmine (first single from upcoming Nature is my mother now EP)

Zen darkness This artist is AbsRecommended NB : This is a new embedded code. The previous one was changed. The witch is back. Elina Johansson, remember? How about her poetic nickname, Dear Euphoria? First time I mentioned her in this … » Continue reading

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SAÏGON – New World Outro (album review)

From Atypia They use big names in the press thing, such as “Jesus & the Mary Chain” or “The Vaselines”, to give us a picture of Saïgon sound. Not false. But I would be more posh: to me, the second … » Continue reading

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STESO SONGS – Lilies on fire EP (review)

Baby, it’s Christmas This artist is AbsRecommended It’s been quite a while actually. Steso Songs, then. Damn I liked her! Especially her ability to cook some little catchy pop gems (remember “The Worse“?). Her new 4-song EP Lilies on fire … » Continue reading

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DISKOTEKET – Jag ser över mitt liv (album review)

1980s are not over Download Diskoteket – Slit ut ditt hjärta I never thought I would ever write this, but now I am listening to Diskoteket, I can affirm post-Apocalypse will sound 1980s. Cause, yeah, when you have finished to … » Continue reading

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