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  Now I told you about my own favourite records of the year, here is what Swedish artists Absolut Noise does like remember from this past year. I just asked them to send me a “top 10 list” of this … » Continue reading

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DIVISION OF LAURA LEE – Tree (album review)

Das reboot Warning. Warning. Warning. Sons, here come the grand pa’s and they’re gonna kick your ass. Again. Let me put it this way: I think I have never really recovered from “Black City”, a Division of Laura Lee album … » Continue reading

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EL-SD – Latest video (“A contract”) + song (“A debt”)

EL-SD – A contract (video) It took me a little bit of time to write a new post about EL-SD, one of the most interesting new Swedish rock band. I already mentioned their fun Kvalität video released in December. Now … » Continue reading

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EL-SD – A will (Kvalität video)

The ring of the Division of Laura Lee has begun It’s been a long time. They’re back. I mean the great Kvalität crew is back with a new live video they shot. The band? EL-SD. I confess I did not … » Continue reading

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