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HJÄRTATTACK – Misantropen EP (review)

Punk This is an old song from Hjärtattack, not a one featured in their Misantropen EP. Download Hjärtattack – Handsken är kastad The punk guys from Stockholm are back. And they are still angry as hell. News: they brought a … » Continue reading

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  My “best of 2012″ is coming to its end. Last words to some Swedish artists I love. All of them answered three questions from mine about: What they liked in music this year, especially within Sweden. What they did … » Continue reading

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HJÄRTATTACK – Tillbaka till framtiden (album review)

This artist is AbsRecommended Punkson HJÄRTATTACK – Det var sämre förr (video) One day, someone should explain to me why there are so many great punk bands in Sweden. Is it the dirt and rage underneath the clean surface of … » Continue reading

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Hjärtattack – Överklassafari (another band from the singer of the Open up and bleeds)

Straight to the point punk Download Hjärtattack – Överklassafari You can imagine that when you name your band Hjärtattack (“heartattack”) you’re not going to play tango. Or salsa. Or even pop. Nope. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome loud, heavy, sharp … » Continue reading

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