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SVART KATT – Jag vill inte, Hård, Tommy, Skitsvin (new Bring me the fucking riot man music project)

The Urge of urgency Download Svart Katt – Jag vill inte and Svart Katt – Hård.mp3 After NÄV, here comes another new music project with members that belongs to the Bring me the fucking riot man family. Name: Svart Katt. … » Continue reading

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TERRIBLE FEELINGS – First songs from upcoming album “Tremors”

Pop punk rascals Good news: Terrible Feelings are back. Even better news: they are in great shape! I have been following them since 2010, so am quite looking forward to listening to Tremors, the band’s second full length that will be … » Continue reading

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MATTIAS ALKBERG – Du vet väl om att jag är värdefull? (new single)

Short it out I think it is time to get out in my yearly summer break. But before to breath, would you mind taking another cup of Mattias Alkberg tea. A strong one. Yes, again. Du vet väl om att … » Continue reading

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MATTIAS ALKBERG – Nöff nöff (first single from upcoming album “Södra Sweden”)

Fredrik Reinfeldt, in hell This artist is AbsRecommended Well, well, well people. I have been asleep for a while, counting sheeps and all, making other projects. But Absolut Noise is back. And with a great come back actually: Mister Mattias … » Continue reading

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SISTA BOSSEN – Identitetskris

The shortest “Identitetskris” is the shortest song ever mentionned in this 8 years old blog! This post has to keep it short then. Easy. I actually do not know much about Sista Bossen, the band behind the song. But more … » Continue reading

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