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TENNIS BAFRA – Shit for brains (brand new single from upcoming album Bummer)

Grungy boomer Tennis Bafra, d’you remember? Love this band. Cause I was raised with Pixies/Nirvana, ya know. Cause those cool dudes from Uppsala remind me my teenage years. Cause they got the attitude. And the perfectly produced dirty sound. Their … » Continue reading

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CULKIN – Hernandez part II

Teen spiritism I cannot see any “neo grunge” French bands. Cause there is none. That might be the reason why I (i.e, me-poor-little-French-guy) am always a little bit surprised to receive some grunge music in my mailbox. I am now … » Continue reading

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NO METHOD VOL3. SUMMER 2013 – With a new LOVE IS A BURNING THING song inside !

Last post of the season Here is the last post before my annual summer break. A compilation for once (official release date: today.). Actually, the summer compilation from one of my favourite Swedish label, No Method, with songs from different … » Continue reading

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VIDEO PREMIERE – TENNIS BAFRA – Albatross / ÅBE – Roadwarrior (split EP with Soviac)

No method sons ÅBE – Roadwarrior / Tennis Bafra – Albatross (video) Nomethod is one of those record labels I do fancy. They release records from brilliant and diverse acts such as Soviac, Love is a burning thing or the … » Continue reading

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Culkin – Several Sundays (album review)

Back to the 1990s Culkin – Tim Kerosene + Kim Heroin (live videos) There are several reasons why I much prefer the 1990s than the 1980s. The main one might be I was a child in the 1980s and a … » Continue reading

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